The evolution of Beer Republic began on a Friday evening during the  summer of 2015 as I stood in front of the craft beer section of my local Supermarket. I had purchased many different craft beers over the last few months and found that I really liked some but others  weren’t for me.

The craft beer market has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and there seemed to be some new craft beers on the shelf every week. It struck me that a craft beer website that gave simple non-pretentious reviews for the ordinary beer drinker would be really useful  so I decided to create one.

Phase1: Craft beer reviews and A&E

I discussed this with my friend Ken who also thought this was really good idea. We sat around and tried to think of a good name for the site , the first we came up beerwithme.ie and then beerwego.ie and finally we decided on Beer Republic which we all thought was a good fit.

So one evening in July 2015 we bought 5 or 6 craft beers and went  to Kens house and started our first set of  reviews. Much as we liked the beers we soon realized that writing reviews was difficult and became harder as the night wore on .

Then Ken started to feel unwell and agitated, it turned out he was allergic to the yeast in one of the beers and we had to make a quick trip to A&E. So things didn’t look good for Beer Republic as Ken was told that he had to keep way from certain types of yeast and we had discovered writing reviews wasn’t as easy as we thought.

Phase 2: The social network

One of the most difficult things in developing a website is creating content for it  and we now knew we were never going to be able to create enough content ourselves. So at this  point we came up with the idea of creating a niche social network for the craft beer sector .We knew we couldn’t compete with the likes of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and to expect our users to create new content for our social network wasn’t a successful strategy.

So we decided we would create a community social network with user profiles where users could import all of their existing social media sources and showcase all of social media output in the one place. From that point on we have been working on Beer Republic and we made the beta site live on the 16th of March 2017.

Phase 3: The beer news site

After a few years of Beer republic the real game changer can post the Cambridge Analytica . All the social networks tightened up their API and we couldn’t connect our beer profiles to existing social media accounts anymore . As this was one of out main selling points we decided to shut Beerrepublic.ie down in that form at that point . And in fairness the  craic-beer-community  took on the craft beer social network idea and have made a real success of it .

But we didn’t want to abandon craft beer and so we came up with this new version the site , its a news aggregator for craft beer that pulls all the best beer news and blogs into the one place .

The Beer Republic team

Brian Hackett
Creator , Co Founder and Lead Developer
Ken Clancy
Co Founder and Marketing manager
Luke Hayden
Full stack developer and infrastructure engineer

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