The past 6 weeks saw our first ever nationwide retail listing in Ireland. Three of our core range beers are now available in every Lidl in the 26 counties. Little Fawn, Ninth Wave and Phantom are all taking to the shelves in a handy 4-pack. It may seem like a small cause for celebration, but it means a lot to the brewery and we feel its a benefit for craft beer in Ireland. 

Given the 15 months we’ve all just been through and the continued instability in the hospitality trade, to have a national retailer with almost 200 outlets take our brand on board is a huge boost for the brewery. It almost doubles our availability and allows us to reach many more towns and regions who up to this just didn’t get our beer. Ultimately It means our beers are available to far more Irish beer fans.

It also means independent Irish craft beer has taken a huge step in our battle with ‘big beer’. We are going to be in good company in Lidl, alongside our friends in Porterhouse and Sierra Nevada, and several other great brewers. Every supermarket in Ireland is now taking notice of the great beer being brewed on the island and that customers want a better, more purposeful choice of brands. Each supermarket who takes in their local and regional independent brewers should be commended and supported for providing this choice.

We have no doubt that some will see this as a challenge for our brand and our business, but we need to assure you that it does so much for the stability of the brewery and the team here.  As a snapshot, we’ve just agreed two full time roles with two of the placement students who interned with us for six months last year, who can now graduate from a brewing course straight into full time roles in the industry here in Ireland. It will allow us continue to focus on making some great innovations, develop our barrel ageing programme, and ensure we bring back some of the classic seasonal beers you love. 

We hope you keep an eye out for our beers and be sure to nudge your family and friends to pick up a pack. Your support has been hugely appreciated and continues to be, wherever you enjoy our beers 


The White Hag Crew

The Whitehag Brewing

The Whitehag Brewing

We are a craft beer brewery located in Ballymote, Co. Sligo Ireland, producing draught and packaged beer for both Irish and International markets.

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