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    It been a long time since we have released any news on Beer Republic version 2 so its about time we give a update.The site rebuild is nearly complete and we have one key element on to finish which is the […]


    We are at the end of the beta development period of Beer Republic and we have learned a lot through out the process .We have done a lot of good work on the site but we have decided that we need back to the […]

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  • Hi there,

    Last week, as a reaction to the Cambridge Analytica  scandal Facebook announced changes to the Instagram and Facebook platforms “to continuously improve Instagram users’ privacy and security.” These […]


    We launched Beer Republic on the 18th of March 2017 and we have just marked the one year anniversary. This has been a year of development, testing and slowly building our member user-base.

    Here are some […]


    Happy New Year 

    We have been working on some new  improvements for Beer Republic and the first one we are launching is an upgrade of the Beer Republic social media feed. Up to now we have had two op […]

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    In my last blog post I talk about SEO in relation to the Beer Republic site itself. In this post I want to talk about SEO and user profiles on our site.
    Costellos Brewing company
    Costello’s brewery was our […]


    SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a very important part of the beer republic structure so i though i would write a series of posts on how it works and how we utliise good SEO practices on Beer […]

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    its me

  • Brian Hackett
    Brian has 14 years experience in the IT sector and has worked as Web Manager for Waterford Institute of Technology for the last 6 years.Brian has a multi discipline skill set including web […]


    Beer Republic is now in an open beta phase .Beta refers to the phase in software development between the alpha phase and the release candidate phase. Beta software is generally considered “complete” but […]

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