Beer Republic and SEO Part 2 – Costello’s Brewing Company


In my last blog post I talk about SEO in relation to the Beer Republic site itself. In this post I want to talk about SEO and user profiles on our site.

Costellos Brewing company

Costello’s brewery was our founding member and have been on the site since June 2017. The length of time a page has been active on the site is important because page age is an important SEO metric.

We debuted on page 8 of the search of “costello’s brewing company ” and it was a challenging  list of pages above us including the Costellos own site and social media and lots of articles and stories on strong sites like the Kilkenny people, Irish Independant , Supervalu , etc.

Slowly but surely we climbed the pages as our SEO setup started to get results and as of today we have reached pages the first page page of search results for “costello’s brewing company” (see screenshot below) .We also appear on the first page of search’s for  “costellos brewery”,”costellos beer”,”costellos’s brewing company” and “costello’s brewery” .So its great to see our SEO stratgey working in the real world and getting real results.

Note: When you search for a keyword be aware that if you are signed into you google account or your browser is geo tagged ( so google knows you  physical location ) the results you get will take the location and your previous browsing habits into account.So in order to get unbiased results you can use incognito mode in you browser or use a site like 

In part 3 of the series we will look at the SEO performance of some of our other members including findmypint and Reeldeel brewing

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