Becoming a ‘Beer-tern’ for Beer Republic

Hello, my name is Georgina Hughes and I am a student attending Waterford Institute of Technology and I have become a Beer-tern! I am in my third and final year of doing BSc in Information Technology. I am on placement until December and in that period of time I get to work with Beer Republic.

I love working with Social Media and the different concepts of helping a business grow. When I saw the opportunity to apply for an internship with Beer Republic I grabbed it with both hands and hoped for the best! The interview went very well and before I knew it I had become a ‘Beer-tern’ for Beer Republic. What is a Beer-tern you ask? Basically it is a student who has a liking of beer and who is also an intern. Whats more to love?!

Knowing that Beer Republic is a social media networking site had me intrigued from the very start because lets face it there aren’t many out there. This placement offers a wide range of different tasks covering different skills that I am both familiar and unfamiliar with. Learning these new skills is what placement is all about. I’ve been on placement for a few weeks now and I have already learnt a lot thanks to Brian and Ken who are the co-founders of Beer Republic.

Being part of a team that works to build a company from its early stages is something that not many people can say especially students. That’s why I am very lucky to be one of the students chosen for this internship. Working with Brian, Ken and Dami who is also a ‘Beer-tern’, has given me an insight into what it will be like when I finish college and enter the big bad world. The new skills I learn from these few months will prepare me for the working life and I know that Beer Republic will help me begin my journey in life.


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