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JustBEERbarry is drinking an O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale by O'Hara's Brewery (Carlow Brewing Company) at... Improved from the last time I tried it. Still only middle of the road, pleases the masses kind of stuff. Again, best of a bad lot.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a 51st State IPA by O'Hara's Brewery (Carlow Brewing Company) at Salthill... For me this is middle of the road at absolute best, so many better options our there now, unfortunately not at this location.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Staropramen Premium / Ležák by Pivovary Staropramen at Cappagh Road Sweet, honeyish, noplace near as nice as Pilsner Urquell. It's not the worst though to be fair
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Barrel Aged Tequila IPA by DOT Brew at Cappagh Road I liked this, definitely got a big tequlia influence. Enjoyed and will buy again.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Devils Helles Lager by Killarney Brewing Company at Cappagh Road Fine, nothing amazing. Malt is there, its crisp and clean but could do with more of a hop presence.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a California IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Another in a very long line of citrus forward session ales. A bit boring now tbh. I'm sure it will do well, I just wouldn't buy it again
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Brut IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. at Cappagh Road It's ok at best, it's dry but theres not near enough effervescence for me. Third Brut ipa I've had, none have got it right so far. Nope.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Helles Lager by St. Mel's Brewing Company at Cappagh Road MUCH fuller body than I expect from a Helles. Don't get me wrong, it's tasty and nice but it's not really a Helles, is it?
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Dark Flight by Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company at Cappagh Road Pretty full bodied thanks to the grain - Unnecessary amount of yeast slugs not removed at FV to BBT transfer.
#FlagshipFebruary Part 1 February 2019 saw the new initiative from Stephen Beaumont of Beaumont Drinks over Stateside about supporting and revisiting some flagship releases we have all come to know and love over the years.
As well as some of the bigger known American ...
Dry January options January is now the month of dry-ness in Ireland (for some) and it leaves beer drinkers like me looking for a decently flavoured and satisfying malt based beverage – alcoholic content aside. Low and non alcoholic beers are seeing decent ...
Larkin’s Brewing Co. – Märzen Lager Its been a few weeks since my last review so I will continue with a relatively new addition to the Irish brewing scene with a 5.7% ABV Märzen Lager from Kilcoole in County Wicklow by Larkin’s Brewing Co.
A small ...
Certified Cicerone (Level 2) Post #1 cicerone.org
I have started preparing to take the Certified Cicerone (Level 2) exam when they roll around again (probably sometime in 2019) and I will be posting periodic updates of my progress here. Cicerone is a beer sommelier title/qualification.
Certified Cicerone Beer ...
Galway Bay Brewery – Vignette Session ale So the most recent offering from Galway Bay Brewery is here. I tried this about a week ago. Vignette opens bright, dry and hoppy, the head was nice but disappeared quite quickly.
For me I could pickup fantastic mango, peach ...

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