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JustBEERbarry is drinking a Super Bock Selecção 1927 Bengal Amber IPA by Unicer Bebidas at... Inital taste is not hugely appealing but you get used to it, certainly got hops in it.Some nice small offerings from a big brewer like Sabor
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Letra Craft Trials Micro IPA DH^3 by LETRA brewery at acta... Weak & watery body but loads of flavour & aroma. OK but it's a borderline rebuy or recommention to be honest. Like most micros, not great.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Letra B by LETRA brewery at Letraria - Craft Beer Garden... Nope, not a good pilsner at all. Terribly sweet, not very crisp. Disappointed with this one.
JustBEERbarry is drinking an Adamanteia by Colossus Craft Brewery at Colossus Craft Brewery Very unusual but works so well, oak smoked wheat used in this witbier alongside the usual staple of coriander plus fresh ginger. Enjoyed!
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Nortada Brown Porter by Cerveja Nortada at Porto Absolutely fantastic beer, unusual to see this style in a climate like this but WOW is it done well, loads of coffee, chocolate and nut.
JustBEERbarry is drinking an Urraca Vendaval by Oitava Colina at Catraio Craft Beer Shop Excellent recommendation at the bar, knowledgable staff who pointed me in the right direction. A real IPA brewed locally. Enjoyed
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Barona APA by Barona Brewing Company at Catraio Craft Beer Shop Oh look, real beer! Hop bite, clear, fresh and super easy to drink. Portugal, your real beer options are good!
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Cergal by Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas SA at Jardins... I didn't have much hopes for this and it hasn't let me down. Alcoholic and wet is about all you can say here.
JustBEERbarry is drinking a Matiné Session IPA by Dois Corvos at Invicta Taproom Tastes very much like Founders All Day. Very much the trendy session ipa
Travelling suds The first two weeks of March involved a trip to Vietnam for a honeymoon with my wife –  never one to miss out on beer related tourism I got stuck in at the first chance.
Dublin Airport
Marquette Bar – ...
Recent beers vol.1 In the background of all the #FlagshipFebruary stuff I was tipping away at some new beers. Some are new additions to the market and some new to me.
Sierra Nevada California IPA 4.2%
There are no brewing faults in this ...
Recent beers Vol. 2 Garage Beer Co – Triangles 5.2% Session ale
New to the Irish market recently is Garage Beer Co from Barcelona. Ive seen a lot of others talking the range up over the last few weeks so I was intrigued to see ...
#FlagshipFebruary Part 3 Its the last day of February so 3 very final shouts for some #FlagshipFebruary beers in part 3
Sierra Nevada Pale ale 5.6%
Theres not much to say about Sierra Nevada pale ale that hasn’t been said a billion times ...
#FlagshipFebruary Part 2 Yellowbelly Brewing Citra Pale ale 4.8%
This American style pale ale uses BAGS of citra hops in it so if thats your thing – get on it.
All good core range beers offer drinkability, flavour, popularity and consistency to become ...

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