Homeplace is everything for us. It is our brand, it influences our beer styles and it gives us a lot of the culture behind the brewery. We’re always banging on about Sligo and how great it is because we want to give you a sense of our homeplace, and also as a reason to put us on your list of places to visit this summer. We’re hoping to have a taproom open, and also some way-finding initiatives to help people find the most amazing places and landscapes in our area. We’re also going to try really hard to have our festival back in some shape or form depending on the advice from authorities and feedback from our community. 

That being said, it’s easy to forget that a picture tells a far bigger story and that’s been the inspiration behind our upcoming postcard series, A Thousand Words. Featuring six local photographers, A Thousand Words will capture the best of what this beautiful county has to offer. The images will ideally portray the landscape, the people and the culture of the Northwest. While we’re just introducing you to the area via some brilliant photography, you can connect further and actually buy hi-res prints or files from the photographers directly. So we’ll be tagging them all in the series and ensuring you can connect with them directly. We’re including the first postcard with all orders placed on our web store this month.

The photographer behind this month’s postcard is Geoffrey Percy, and you can see his amazing landscapes HERE.

The Whitehag Brewing

The Whitehag Brewing

We are a craft beer brewery located in Ballymote, Co. Sligo Ireland, producing draught and packaged beer for both Irish and International markets.

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