Update on Beer Republic Version 2


It been a long time since we have released any news on Beer Republic version 2 so its about time we give a update.The site rebuild is nearly complete and we have one key element on to finish which is the social media integration. As discussed previously we are moving to a model were the Beer Republic user sets up their own social media profile integration and has full control of that section.

This is the best way forward as in the wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal all of the social media companies have restricted the use of social media information by third parties without explicit permissions. So we have been working on a tool to allow the user to add those permissions to their Beer Republic profiles simply .This the the area that is delaying our relaunch and we are waiting on the social media companies to approve our permissions to load third party content.As of today our Instagram approval is nearly complete and we are still waiting on Facebook,Twitter and Untappd.

So we are nearly ready but cant commit to any date as we are waiting for approvals that are out of our control, but the new version of Beer Republic is worth waiting for .

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