Beer Republic – Version 2


We are at the end of the beta development period of Beer Republic and we have learned a lot through out the process .We have done a lot of good work on the site but we have decided that we need back to the drawing board for some of the site features.

Here is a list of what we are going to update and some exciting new features we are working on:

Profile Setup

The manual setup for profiles is time consuming and disjointed. We  now want to give control to the user and allow them to completely setup a profile independently with no input from us. We are going to streamline line this process by allowing the user to setup a profile quickly using social media or a manual signup.

Social Networks

The landscape of social network sharing has completely changed since we started working on this project .In the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica scandal all of the social networks been rolling back on the amount of access third parties can have to individuals and companies social profiles and pages. This has already has an impact on Beer Republic as we can no longer show Instagram feeds on our members profiles and we expect these restrictions to continue and increase in the future. The solution for this problem is to allow users themselves to trust and grant permissions to show their content on Beer Republic via a login .This is a feature that we are working on and hope to add it to all new profiles on the site .

Other new features we are working on

  • User Badges
  • Sticky Posts
  • Verified Badges
  • Unlimited Custom tabs
  • Inbuilt Custom Adverts
  • Real time Pagination
  • Social network powered login and registration
  • Setup a full account while registering
  • Complete site and profiles redesign

We hope to roll out the changes over the next few months .


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